Red Door Wedding Photographer | Rachel & John

A selection of photos from Rachel’s and John’s wedding in the Red Door restaurant, Fahan, Co Donegal.

Red Door Wedding

Rachel and John’s wedding day was an enchanting affair that unfolded amidst the stunning landscapes of Donegal, Ireland. The couple exchanged their vows in the quaint elegance of St Agatha’s church, Clar, Donegal Town. 

The Preparations

In the morning, the bride, Rachel, prepared for the day ahead at her family home in the idyllic surroundings of Lough Eske. The talented Charlene Byrne skillfully applied the makeup, enhancing Rachel’s natural beauty. Meanwhile, Sonya McMenamin weaved her magic, crafting elegant hairstyles for the bridesmaids.

John and his groomsmen readied themselves for the momentous occasion at the couple’s house in Donegal Town. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and camaraderie as they donned their suits, ensuring they looked their very best for the day’s events.

A highlight that set this wedding apart was John’s arrival at the church in a brand-new Valtra tractor. The unconventional mode of transportation added a touch of rustic charm to the proceedings, reflecting the couple’s unique style.

The Ceremony

The marriage ceremony was solemnised by Fr Gillespie, who presided over the union with grace and reverence. With his wise words and blessing, he officiated the moment when Rachel and John became partners for life.

As the celebrations continued, the bridal party made a stop at the enchanting Lough Eske for some photos.

The Wedding Reception

The celebratory spirit continued as family and friends gathered to celebrate at the Red Door restaurant in Fahn, Co Donegal, where the reception was held. The charming venue provided the perfect backdrop for a lively evening.

A drinks reception was held outdoors at the splendid Red Door restaurant, allowing the guests to bask in the beauty of the surroundings while toasting to the newlyweds’ happiness.

The Evening Entertainment

After a sumptuous meal, entertainment took an unexpected twist with a hypnotist engaging and amusing the guests. 

The night truly came alive with the arrival of the Hard 2 Beat band. They took the stage and unleashed their musical talents upon the delighted guests. The dance floor was never empty as the band played on, ensuring that the celebration continued in full swing, filled with music, dance

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