Olibhia & William, Harvey’s Point Wedding Venue

Olibhia and William’s Enchanting Wedding Day: A Celebration in Donegal

There are few moments in life as filled with joy and anticipation as a wedding day, and Olibhia and William’s special day was no exception. From the first brushstroke of makeup to the last dance. Their wedding was a beautiful tapestry of love, tradition, and celebration. Here’s a glimpse into their enchanting day in Donegal Town.

Getting Ready: The Magic Begins

The day started early with the bridal party gathering for preparations. Marcella McGovern worked her magic, transforming Olibhia and her bridesmaids with flawless makeup that highlighted their natural beauty. Fiona’s Hair and Beauty was responsible for the elegant hairstyles, creating timeless looks that perfectly complemented the day’s festivities.

Olibhia was helped into her stunning wedding gown by her mother. The bridesmaids, in their coordinated dresses, added a touch of sophistication and unity to the morning’s preparations.

The Ceremony: A Sacred Union at St Patrick’s Church

St Patrick’s Church in Donegal Town, with its historical charm and serene atmosphere, was the perfect setting for Olibhia and William’s wedding ceremony. The grand architecture of the church, coupled with its intimate ambiance, created a space filled with reverence and love.

Fr Gillespie officiated the ceremony with heartfelt sincerity, guiding the couple through their vows as their closest family and friends looked on. The musical accompaniment by Aileen Tighe added an ethereal quality to the service, her melodies resonating through the church.

The Reception: Celebrating at Harvey’s Point

Following the ceremony, guests made their way to Harvey’s Point hotel on the picturesque shore of Lough Eske. This stunning venue, known for its luxury and breathtaking views, provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s reception.

The hotel’s beautifully decorated reception room, with views of the tranquil lake, set the stage for an evening of celebration. The tables were adorned with elegant floral arrangements.

Evening Entertainment: Dancing the Night Away

As the night closed in over Lough Eske, the Simon Casey Band took to the stage, filling the night with lively music and creating an infectious energy. Olibhia and William shared their first dance as a married couple, a moment of pure joy that set the tone for the evening. Guests joined in, dancing and celebrating under the grand chandeliers, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

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