Laoise and Kyle’s summer wedding in County Donegal, Laoise and Kyle embarked on their beautiful journey as husband and wife. The day was filled with love, laughter, and a series of unforgettable moments that will be cherished forever. Here’s a glimpse into their extraordinary wedding day, celebrated in the heart of Co. Donegal.

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Morning Preparations in Glenties and Ardara

Laoise began her special day at her parents’ home in Glenties. The talented Kerrie James from Kerrie James Make-Up accentuated Laoise’s natural beauty. Claire McDowell from Meraki Hair crafted an elegant hairstyle that perfectly complemented her bridal look. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as Laoise prepared for the biggest day of her life.

Meanwhile, in Ardara, Kyle was getting ready in his family home. The sense of tradition and the comfort of familiar surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for Kyle as he donned his suit.

A Heartfelt Ceremony at St. Connell’s Church

The couple chose the charming St. Connell’s Church in Glenties for their wedding ceremony. With its beautiful architecture and serene ambiance,it  was the perfect setting for their vows. Fr. Gerard Cunningham officiated the ceremony with grace and warmth, guiding Laoise and Kyle through their vows to each other. The church was filled with family and friends, all gathered to witness and celebrate the marriage of this wonderful couple.

A Vintage Journey to Donegal Town

After the ceremony, Laoise and Kyle made their way to Donegal Town in style. They travelled in a vintage white wedding car supplied by GMG, adding a touch of classic elegance to their day.

Celebrations at the Mill Park Hotel

The Mill Park Hotel, located just outside Donegal Town, was the chosen venue for Laoise and Kyle’s wedding reception. Known for its exceptional service. The reception rooml was beautifully decorated, creating an inviting atmosphere for the celebration.

Guests enjoyed a delightful meal and shared in the couple’s happiness through the speeches.

Evening Entertainment by Red Alert Band

As the sun set, the celebrations continued with vibrant entertainment provided by the brilliant Red Alert band. Their lively music and dynamic performance ensured that everyone was on their feet, dancing and celebrating late into the night. The band’s energy and passion created an electrifying atmosphere, making it a night to remember.

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Laoise and Kyle’s wedding day was a beautiful tapestry of love, tradition, and celebration. From the intimate preparations in Glenties and Ardara to the heartfelt ceremony at St. Connells Church and the joyous reception at the Mill Park Hotel.

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