Karen and Anthony’s summer wedding day in Donegal. It was a spectacular celebration of love, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Donegal.

Summer Wedding in Donegal

Mountcharles, Co Donegal. The talented Aisling Watters worked her magic, creating beautiful hairstyles for Karen and her bridal party, setting a perfect tone for the day ahead.

Meanwhile, in Glenade, Co. Leitrim, Anthony and his groomsmen were preparing for the big day. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as they donned their suits, ready to for the day ahead.


The couple chose the Sacred Heart Church in Mountcharles, Co Donegal for their heartfelt ceremony. Fr. Sweeney officiated the service, leading a touching and memorable exchange of vows. The church, with its timeless beauty, provided a perfect backdrop for the beginning of Karen and Anthony’s journey together as husband and wife.

After the ceremony, the couple and their bridal party took a brief detour to Inver House for some photos. The historic setting of Inver House offered a serene and elegant environment, capturing the essence of the day perfectly.


The celebration continued as Karen, Anthony, and their bridal party made a grand entrance to the Mill Park Hotel in three striking Mitsubishi Evos. The stylish arrival set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

The reception at the Mill Park Hotel was a joyous affair, filled with heartfelt speeches and a delicious meal.

Evening Entertainment

As the night unfolded, the brilliant Rockhill Ramblers took the stage, providing lively and entertaining music that kept everyone on their feet. The dance floor was alive with energy, as guests danced the night away, celebrating Karen and Anthony’s union.

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