Annalouise & James | Wedding Photographer Donegal

A selection of photos from Analogise and James wedding day. They had their wedding reception in the Mill Park hotel. Phots by Ghorm Studio, a wedding photographer in Donegal.

Wedding Photographer Donegal
Annalouise and James’s Autumn Wedding Day, Co Donegal.

Love filled the air and anticipation mounted as Castlelard became the backdrop for the wedding of Anna Louise and James. The Mill Park hotel, a beautiful wedding venue set the stage for a day that would be etched in their hearts forever.

The ceremony, officiated by Fr Adrian Gavigan, was a beautiful expression of love and commitment. Surrounded by family and friends, Anna Louise and James exchanged vows and exchanged rings.

After the heartwarming ceremony, the newlyweds embarked on a short journey to  Whoriskey’s Bar. Opting for a lorry and James’s drone his new wife there. Laughter and cheers echoed as they enjoyed a quick drink, savouring the first moments of their married life.

The wedding party made a pit stop at the beautiful Murvagh beach. The sun-kissed sands provided a stunning backdrop for a series of photos that would preserve the magic of the day for years to come. 

As the day unfolded, the celebration continued at the Mill Park Hotel in Donegal Town. The venue exudes elegance, providing the perfect setting for a joyous reception.

The evening was brought to life by the musical talents of the Rockhill Ramblers. The brilliant performance had the guests on their feet, dancing the night away. The lively tunes created an atmosphere of pure joy, turning the reception into a brilliant night.

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